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When was your event? July 19, 2015

What was the occasion? Baby Shower

The cake was absolutely beautiful.  Completely fit the Dr. Seuss theme.  Every touch was just right.  On top of that, it was absolutely delicious.  The vanilla cake with the vanilla bean filling, raspberry jam and strawberries was to die for!  Everyone raved about that cake all day!

Thank you so much to Amanda & Chocal8Kiss!!!  Really appreciated your help making this so very special!

Rupal and Jigar 

When was your event? July 4, 2015

Where was the event? Two parties - Chuck E Cheese & at Home

What was the occasion? Vihaan's 2nd Birthday

We want to thank Sonam and the Team for and excellent job with both cakes. We called last minute and it was also a holiday weekend and we got great service. The cakes were excellent. All our guests loved them both! Last year on my son's 1st Birthday, Sonam and Team created a dessert table, which was phenomenal. All the desserts were wiped out so quickly. We had no leftovers to taste ourselves so we wanted to come back for more. Again this year, cakes are all gone! One last thing, we ordered eggless cakes. And it's very hard to find a bakery to do that kind of cake, but also one that tastes so good. We highly recommend Sonam and her bakery! Thank you!

Justine and Joe 

When was your event? June 27, 2015

Where was the event? Matawan, NJ

What was the occasion? Wedding

We just want to thank Sonam and her team for our wonderfully tasting and looking wedding cake! Everyone loved the flavors, especially the Nutella! We can not thank you enough for a job well done!! We would definitely recommend you to anyone who asks where to get a cake! Thank you again!

Mohammed Abaji Email

When was your event? June 2014

Where was the event? Frankfurt

What was the occasion? Birthday

Excellent event - cannot praise these people enough!!

Sharon Maybruch 

When was your event? June 2013

Where was the event? my home

What was the occasion? housewarming party

The talented, professional staff at Chocal8 Kiss created a masterpiece beach-themed housewarming cake for me. They made a 3-D flip-flop with a zebra pattern and rhinestone ornamentation. They made graham cracker crumb sand, colorful pails, shovels, adirondack chairs and edible blue waves. Best of all, the carrot cake tasted as wonderful as it looked! My guests were quite impressed. They couldn't stop taking pictures of this amazing, unforgettable perfection confection.

Shilpa Nandwani Email

When was your event? December 21st, 2013

Where was the event? Dave and Busters

What was the occasion? College Graduation


I had the pleasure of receiving a surprise cake from Chocal8Kiss Bakery for my college graduation party. This cake took my breath away and I could have stared at it for hours due to its beauty, intricacy, uniqueness, and perfection. This cake exemplified me as a student, teacher, and person. This was all just from looking at the cake, but after cutting it and trying it...I could only wish for more! The chocolate truffle cake with the mint oreo mousse was the best combination right next to the layer of vanilla cake with raspberry jam and fresh strawberries. It was the perfect blend of sweet, rich, moist, freshness, and flavor. I am beyond thankful to Sonam for creating this cake for me and I cannot wait to order more cakes from Chocal8Kiss!


When was your event? Oct 19, 2013

Where was the event? New Jersey

What was the occasion? 25th Wedding Anniversary


Our anniversary cake was a work of art, and we couldn't have been happier with how it turned out.

The flavor and moistness of the cake was unbelievable!

It was as awesome to eat as it was to look at.
Great work Sonam!

We would certainly refer & recommend to others.

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