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Unnati Parikh 

When was your event? 11/26/2016

Where was the event? Rasoi 3

What was the occasion? Sweet 16

this was our 3rd event with Sonam @ chocoal8kiss, and as prevoius events , great tasting and great looking cake.
will never use anyone else..
thanks sonam

Pamela McCarthy  Email

When was your event? 11/19/2016

Where was the event? IPlayAmerica

What was the occasion? Sweet 16

The cake was beautiful and tasted heavenly. Thank you so much.

Rohit Rathi Email

When was your event? 11/5/2016

Where was the event? Dewan Banquet

What was the occasion? Son's 1st Birthday

I would like to thank the whole team at Chocal8kiss , the cake not only turned out beautiful but also tasted amazing. I think i made a right choice by going with you guys. 

Best of luck for the future!



When was your event? 11/12/16

Where was the event? Ariana's Grand

What was the occasion? Wedding

Sonam was a doll to work with. The cake came out amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything better!!!


When was your event? 11/13/16

Where was the event? Osteria

What was the occasion? Baptism

Order a naked cake for my son's baptism (vanilla cake with vanilla mousse, raspberry jam, and fresh strawberries). Not only was the design beautiful, but the cake tasted amazing! First time I ordered from this bakery, and I will be ordering more in the future. 


When was your event? 10/22

Where was the event? Home

What was the occasion? 2nd Birthday Party

We had a custom birthday cake made to match the theme of my daughter's 2nd birthday of the dead skeletons. Working with chocal8kiss, we were able to get a kid-friendly, beautifully decorated and deliciously tasting skeleton cake to perfectly coincide with the party's theme. My daughter loved it!

Jewel Santos 

When was your event? October 8, 2016

Where was the event? Forsgate Country Club, Monroe Township

What was the occasion? Wedding

After the "I do," my sweet tooth had its eye on desserts! Not only was the dessert offering lovingly and artfully presented, but was also an indulgent treat to the palate. On one side was the best tiramisu I've ever tasted placed inside a chocolate coffee cup, in the middle was a fruity with just the ideal amount of tart mango and passion fruit boat, and a slice of our vanilla and raspberry wedding cake. The planning process was effortless. Sonam was knowledgeable and accommodating. One month after the wedding, our guests are still raving about Chocal8Kiss! Thank you for being a part of our celebration!
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